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Fabric wholesale online

The online fabric wholesaler enables the purchase of wholesale fabric pieces online, thanks to its direct and personalized quotation system. Offering wholesale prices for collective, groups and professionals worldwide applying the best rates selection in the shortest time. Ribes & Casals launched this project to complement its range of e-commerce; retail and individual customer oriented.

Prateleiras tecidos em nosso armazém para atacado

How we work

The users can browse our fabric catalog online and request a quote -see baners on your left-. The Ribes & Casals sales department will contact you immediately answering questions and ready to assist you, offering the best solutions to carry out your projects aligned to your needs and requirements.

Once the order is placed, the settlement is made through different platforms such as online payment: Visa ... then the goods are dispatched. Other payment methods may also be accepted by contacting the sales department, ex -regular clients-.

Wholesalers are not only textile professionals

At we respond individually, in a customized way for all professionals or private groups interested and willing to find the wholesale fabric deals.

The fabric shop Ribes & Casals has always been selling to wholesalers, individuals and retail. Before launching and its international affiliate e-shops, wholesalers who wanted to buy wholesale fabric had to travel in our stores of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Seville. Only regular customers could order via phone or fax, without travelling around.,, tiendatelas.come have crossed borders. Today, Ribes & Casals sells wholesale fabrics through its online catalog dedicated to worldwide textile wholesalers. A striking example are the flamenco fabrics; One of the house specialties, which are sold with success in East.

What is a textile wholesaler? By textile wholesaler we refer to all clients who purchase per piece (fabric rollers or coils) in quantities exceeding 25 meters of fabric; either for resale, clothing or household use. Wholesaler clients are designers, garment makers, stylists preparing fashion collections, dance schools preparing their end of year festivals or associations / collectives like bands preparing carnivals.

In the professional and specialized field we find stylists, fashion designers, garment makers, decorators, event planners, theatres, shops, restaurants...etc. Regarding entertainment, leisure and schools; we work with bands, schools, sports clubs, academies and Flamenco dance schools.


The most demanded fabrics depending on type of wholesalers:

  • Fabrics for fashion designers, garment makers
  • Fabrics for Carnival groups, shows, costumes, fancy dress
  • Fabrics for Dance Schools, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, etc ...
  • Flamenco groups
  • For stores: We recommend to check all our online fabric catalog.
  • Restaurants: We recommend the table cloth and linens in our home section fabrics
  • Interior Designers, Decorators and Event Planners
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